Dot & Logic began in 2013 on evenings when engineer Kyle Joseph found himself unable to leave the studio after breaking down the day’s recording session. Solitary hours of experimentation became the 2013 LP, Homebody, and the 2014 single, Cling/////Where You Were. The project has since evolved into a band in its own right, with members Nick Pope, Jon Markson, and Paul Bloom playing a more central role on the upcoming 2015 LP, Foresting.

Dot & Logic churns out stormy songs that usher the listener into a moodier dimension. Lulling the ear into a wonderful, false sense of familiarity, Foresting is built on a bed of intricacies — cinematic swirling that merits re-listening for new discoveries. Well-crafted songwriting comes by way of modestly presenting big dynamic changes, while Joseph’s elastic vocals provide honest emotion. Equal parts charm, groove and power, the dynamism of Dot & Logic is captivating.

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